"The Fight Doctor"


Muhammad Ali:

A View from the corner

by Ferdie Pacheco M.D.


In Muhammad Ali: A View from the Corner, the doctor examines Ali's  entire career - from his early early victories, his membership in the Black  Muslim brotherhood, and his suspension from boxing due to his refusal to  serve in the Vietnam War ("I got nothing against those Vietcong") to his  return to the ring and his emergence as Muhammad Ali,  the Champion of Champions.


    Pacheco was an insider from the beginning, and his view's on Ali's  family, friends, and lovers are fresh and revealing. The book is peppered  throughout with on-the-scene sketches and rare photographs  from his personal collection.


    Readers will relive Ali's bruising matches with Joe Frazier (whom he  fought three times), Ken Norton (also three times), and George Foreman  and other heart-stopping bouts in which Ali won or lost by a whisker.  Pacheco sadly recalls how Ali's career went on a downward spiral,  culminating in his disastrous and embarrassing loss to Larry Holmes. 


    It's all here, told from an exclusive ringside seat, in the most intimate  book ever written about Muhammad Ali.



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