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Boxing's colorful history is filled with chapters of high drama and simmering controversy.  Many boxing fans are familiar with the outcome of the most memorable bouts, but few know the secrets surrounding them.

In the 12 Greatest Rounds of Boxing: The Untold Stories, Ferdie Pacheco, M.D. - the longtime physician and cornerman for Muhammad Ali and the television analyst known worldwide as the Fight Doctor -not only selects the dozen best rounds ever fought, but reveals what went on behind the scenes at these fights, from chicanery and Mob influence to romantic liaisons and the zaniness that seems to go hand in glove with boxing.

The book's fascinating "untold stories" are related by Pacheco and a renowned group of boxing experts. Pacheco and company offer an intimate glimpse of boxing's inimitable characters and the often bizarre world they inhabit.  Through scores of stunning photographs, including many rare prints, that world comes vividly to life.



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