"The Fight Doctor"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the values of the lithographs done in the 70s & 80s done by Ferdie Pacheco?

A: The Art Collectors Group had control over reproduction of 500 signed and numbered and 500 plate-signed lithographs based on 600 originals of Ferdie Pacheco's work, for a total of 600,000 lithographs. The originals of these diverse images were produced by Dr. Pacheco in the 1970s and 1980s. 

The Art Collectors Group sold these lithographs for $250. Dr. Pacheco was compensated by The Art Collectors Group, and, as part of the compensation arrangement, relinquished subsequent control of these lithographs. 

As with all works of art, the value of any given piece of art is determined by the market, and, to an extent, the appraisals of experts in this area. Dr. Pacheco cannot comment on the value of the lithographs produced by The Art Collectors Group. 

We are proud to display the limited edition Giclee prints of Dr. Pacheco's current work on our website www.ferdiepacheco.com

Q: Describe this piece? 

A: It is impossible to describe a piece of work without seeing it.

Q: What is a "Giclee"?

A: The art of fine art printing has become even more precise with the revolutionary Giclee (zhee-clay) printing process. In the Giclee process, a fine stream of ink more than four million droplets per second is sprayed onto archival art paper or canvas. Each calculation of hue, value and density direct the ink from four or eight nozzles. This produces a combination of 512 chromatic changes, with over three million colors possible of highly saturated, non-toxic, water based ink. Since no screens are used in Giclee printing, the prints have a higher resolution than the lithographs and the dynamic color range is greater than serigraphy. The apparent resolution of the digital print is 1800 dots per square inch, which is higher than a traditional lithographic print and has a wider color gamut than serigraphy. Giclee prints render deep, saturated colors and have a beautiful painterly quality that retains minute detail, subtle tints and blends. Giclee Prints have an impressive exhibition record. They have been shown in museums and galleries throughout the world.


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