"The Fight Doctor"

Quotes From Ferdie

Here are some quotes from Ferdie about the Trolley Kat:

The most fun I've had in art has come about with the birth of the Trolley Kat.
Trolley Kat is a cat who loves to ride on Tampa streetcars. I wrote two children's books, the Trolley Kat Travels, and The Trolley Kat Alphabet Book. They will be available in September of 2002. Plus a Trolley Kat doll and a conductors hat for children will be available at that time.

The Trolley Kat is so cute, so well received, that it has unleashed the flood gates of creativity, and to date I have created over 57 Trolley Kat paintings. The Trolley Kat, the Yellow Birney Streetcar, Ybor City and Tampa are a joyous mixture to paint.


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