"The Fight Doctor"

Ybor City Chronicles

by Ferdie Pacheco M.D.

    "Ferdie Pacheco takes us to a vanished time and place, full of affectionate laughter, the invincible optimism of immigrants, and the  delicious aroma of good cigars.  He makes all of us wish we'd  grown up in Ybor City." -Pete Hamill


    "As anyone knows who tunes him in on national TV as 'The Fight  Doctor,' Ferdie Pacheco is a world-class spellbinder.  But catching  that verbal magic on a page is a rare gift.  The proof is in the reading  of this racy, vivid, evocative page tuner, as much fun to read as  Ferdie had living it in this unique Cuban enclave, a world unto itself  that he re-creates for us in Pachecoese, a lingua franca of the  spirit." -Budd Schullberg


    "Ferdie Pacheco's incomparable insights bring Tampa's vintage  Ybor City alive again.  Dr. Pacheco has delivered a gem." - Shirley  Povich, Washinton Post 


    "'Fight Doctor' Ferdie Pacheco doesn't pull any punches in  writing his recollections of growing up in Ybor City.  He's a rare  raconteur whose humor highlights and humanizes what really  happened behind the headlines in a unique community.  Ybor City  Chronicles brings back a climactic era when larger-than-life  personalities still held sway in Tampa's Latin Quarter." -Leleand  Hawes, Tampa Tribune



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