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The "Fight Doctor" is synonymous with boxing.  Probably because he has been in the corner of twelve World Champions.  Always a man to follow his passions, today he is a highly respected artist and writer.  But, regardless of how much acclaim his paintings receive, or how many books he authors, he will always be best known as the "Fight Doctor".  

Below are a number of black and white photographs.  Simple yet elegant.  They include a couple of past champions.  Men whose grace once dominated the ring and whose values we admire even today. 

Each 8 X 10 photograph is available for $25 and will be signed by Ferdie.  They were taken by his wife, Luisita Pacheco.  


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Photographs of Ali

Jumping Rope

Looking Back
  Shadow Boxing

Ferdie and the Legends

corner with Ali

with Joe Louis

Rub down

The Greatest

Ali on the speed bag
Ali has been named the top athlete of the century. His popularity transcends the universe. Even today, after being robbed of his physical skills, he is still "The Greatest". 
Ali in the ring


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