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                                        Available Books by Ferdie Pacheco

About Ferdie    1. Fight Doctor, Simon Schuster, 1977. Non-fiction.  $40.00       

Artwork         2. Renegade Lightning, Presidio Press, 1992. Fiction; World War II, Aviation novel.  $25.00 

Books          3. Ali: A View from the Corner: Carol Press, 1992 Non-fiction.  $25.00 

Articles         4. Ybor City Chronicles, University Press, 1995. Non-fiction.  $20.00

Exhibits        5. Columbia Restaurant Cook Book, University Press, 1996. Non-fiction.  $25.00

Index of Pages  6. Pacheco's Art of Ybor City, University Press. 1997. Non-fiction.  $40.00   

                  7."Christmas Eve Cook Book in Ybor City.  1998: Non-fiction.  $20.00          

                                    8. "The 12 Greatest Rounds of Boxing of the Century".   Sports Illustrated Press.  $25.95 

                                     9.  "Pacheco's Art of the Cubans in Exile".  $25.00                                    

                            10. My Life in Television and boxing, including boxing years with  Ali and eleven other champions.


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