ferdiepacheco.com      "The Fight Doctor"

Exhibitions 1984 - Present


About Ferdie                    1999                Coconut Groove Art Expo, Miami

Artwork                          1998                Adair Margo Gallery, El Paso

Books                              1997                Modern Art Gallery, Coconut Grove

Articles                            1994 - 1995     Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa

Exhibits                           1993                Kenneth Raymond Gallery, Boca Raton 

Index of Pages            1992                Modern Art Gallery, Guadalajara               

                                             1991                 Orci Gallery, Los Angeles

                                             1991                 Coral Gables Fine Arts Gallery, Miami

                                              1990                 Musee do Luxembourg, Paris

                                              1989                 Magadini Galleries, Scottsdale

                                              1987                 Le Centre Cultural Paul-Dumail de Tonneins

                                              1986                 Consulate of Colombia Gallery

                                              1985                 Gallery 10, London

                                              1984                 Spectrum Gallery, New York 


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