"The Fight Doctor"

  All original oil on canvas works represented are available for purchase.

Ali, Boxing and Football Paintings Einstein, Churchill, Ghandi and other Famous Faces Paintings
Miami Cubans In Exile Paintings Cigar Workers and Tampa Paintings
Frida, Mexican and Spanish Paintings Civil War and Western Paintings
Jazz and Arts Paintings Trolley Kat Paintings
Sold Paintings Miami, Miami Beach and African American Jazz Paintings


Miami Cubans In Exile Paintings


The Cubans Are Coming


Vania Plays With Cuban Symphony


Cuban Dancers #2


Les Violines


Las Cuevas de Sacremonte


Camp Matacombe: Letter from Home


The Loneliness of the Late Breaking News


Joe's Stone Crabs


La Doña de Lunares




Nat Chediak Speaks


Pedro Pan


The War Is Over



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