"The Fight Doctor"

  All original oil on canvas works represented are available for purchase.

Ali, Boxing and Football Paintings Einstein, Churchill, Ghandi and other Famous Faces Paintings
Miami Cubans In Exile Paintings Cigar Workers and Tampa Paintings
Frida, Mexican and Spanish Paintings Civil War and Western Paintings
Jazz and Arts Paintings Trolley Kat Paintings
Sold Paintings Miami, Miami Beach and African American Jazz Paintings


Trolley Kat Alphabet


Impending Divorce


Cover of Trolley Kat Alph abet Book


A is for Ants


D is for Dog

E is for Elephant

F is for Firefighter

I is for Ice Cream




M is for Moo


Mac is for MacLaine


Mc is for McArthur


Q is for Quick


S is for Santa


T is for TV


Z is for Zzzzzzzzz


Trolley Kat Paintings


All Aboard


Trolley Kat Playing Golf


Trolley Kat With Tampa Banana 


Trolley Kat and the Minarets 


Frida With Trolley Kat


Sleeping on the Streetcar

Trolley Kat Flossing

Trolley Kat Delivers a Story to Roland

Trolley Kitten #1


Trolley Kitten #2


Trolley Kat Playing Hockey


Trolley Kat Bowling


Trolley Kat Tennis Player

Trolley Kat Fisherman


Trolley Kat Artie Shaw


Trolley Kat Travels Cover


Author and Friend


Trolley Kat Leads Gasparilla Parade


Trolley Kat Sent Back to Ybor City



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