"The Fight Doctor"

  All original oil on canvas works represented are available for purchase.

Ali, Boxing and Football Paintings Einstein, Churchill, Ghandi and other Famous Faces Paintings
Miami Cubans In Exile Paintings Cigar Workers and Tampa Paintings
Frida, Mexican and Spanish Paintings Civil War and Western Paintings
Jazz and Arts Paintings Trolley Kat Paintings
Sold Paintings Miami, Miami Beach and African American Jazz Paintings


Sold Paintings


Going to Work on the Streetcar


Lector Reading the News from La Gaceta


Domino Park




The Deal


2009 Tampa Exhibit Einstein


New Einstein




Spanish Lady

Call Them and They Will Come

Ali in Training

The Escape


First Car in Exile


Jose Marti


Carmen Amaya


Balcony Concerto




Charles Dickens

Cuban Dancers



Marti In Front of Factory


Columbia Cafe

My Mother's Kitchen Watching My Grandmother Darn Socks


The Lector Teaches


The Lector 4

Woman Lector: Ferdie's Aunt Lola


The Lector 5


Lector Reading Conquest of Mexico

The Picnic


Lector in Winter



Tampa Theater


The Lector Reading


Friday Night at Faylors


Fire at the Factory


Lector in the Cigar Factory #1


The Lector in the Cigar Factory #2


The Trolley


Trolley Snafu


Lady Cigar Worker & Queen of the Factory


Midway at the Fair


La Mama


Cuervo's Cafe




The Lector


Lector with Glasses


Lola: Woman Lector


The Violinist


Pijuan the Cook


Trolley 5¢


The Cross-Eyed Trombonist

Leger Jazz Trio


Round Midnight: Dexter Gordon


Lester Young


Doorway Gabriel


Gospel Jazz Quartet


Jazz Me Club


Jazz Club


The Lector Reads to Women Cigar Workers




La Cantina


Miami Beach Auditorium: Fight Night


The Cubans Are Coming! The Cubans Are Coming


Cuban Freedom Fighter



Malaga Restaurant



Quince Final Fitting



La Botanica


Great Wall of China


Albert Einstein


Prime Minister Winston Churchill


Marjorie Kinnan Rowlings

Muhammad Ali


Cubistic Self Portrait


Muhammad Ali


Muhammad Ali


Albert Einstein


Einstein e=mc2


Mother Theresa


Frida Kahlo


I Remember Sonny


 Mayor "Rudy" Guiliani


Chris Dundee


Sparring at the 5th Street Gym

Ali & His Four Cornermen


Muhammad Ali


The Catch


Joe Louis versus Rocky  Marciano


B is for Banana


C is for Cat


H is for Hope

J is for Joke


L is for Love


N is for Noble


O is for Obedient


P is for Piruli


U is for Umbrella


W is for Waiter






Blues in the Night


Trolley Kat #1


Trolley Kat in Training


Trolley Kat Playing With Tarantula


Custer's Last Stand




Frida, Diego and Trotsky


Frida Kahlo




The Kitchen


The Sailor and His Gal




The Trafficante Hit


Sinatra: Kid from Hoboken




Angelo Wrapping Hands



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