"The Fight Doctor"

  All original oil on canvas works represented are available for purchase.

Ali, Boxing and Football Paintings Einstein, Churchill, Ghandi and other Famous Faces Paintings
Miami Cubans In Exile Paintings Cigar Workers and Tampa Paintings
Frida, Mexican and Spanish Paintings Civil War and Western Paintings
Jazz and Arts Paintings Trolley Kat Paintings
Sold Paintings Miami, Miami Beach and African American Jazz Paintings


Mexican Paintings


Diego Rivera and the Cornstalk Mural


Flamenco Singer/Dancer


El Picador


Flamenco Partners


The Search of Gold and Other Spiritual Things


Frida and Crystal Ball


Frida with Trolley Kat

Frida at 13 Years Old


The Revolutionary


Diego Rivera


Frida and Diego


Revolutionary Mother and Child



General's Marriage


Villa & Zapata Sentada


Virgin de Guadalupe


Sombrero Train


La Muerte a los Gachupines


La Entrada



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